Can India sustain an export oriented growth?

India, one of the fastest growing economies of the 21st century and the 2nd most populous nation of the world is still naïve and needs to go a long way to steer itself into high income nations or at least … Continue Reading →

Sericulture in India

Sericulture or silk farming is the rearing of silk worms for the production of silk. Sericulture is an old practice in India. The Aryans discovered silkworm in the Kashmir valley. Indian epics like the Ramayana, Rig-Veda and Mahabharata also mention … Continue Reading →

Social Forestry

Social Forestry is defined as the management and protection of forests and afforestation on barren lands with the purpose of helping in the environmental, social and rural development. Social forestry is a probable solution to sustainable development. These are various … Continue Reading →

Iraq Crisis 2014: Understanding the nemesis

The Iraq crisis of 2014 or the northern Iraq offensive began on 5th June 2014 in the Northern regions of Iraq led by the Islamic State of Iraq, Syria and Levant (ISIS) against the Iraqi government following the earlier clashes … Continue Reading →

The Shia Sunni Schism:

  Shia Sunni schism has always acted as principle fault line in Islam. The 1.3 Billion strong Muslim population has been broadly divided into these two principle sects. The rift between the two biggest Muslim factions goes right back to … Continue Reading →

Non State Actors

In the century where solutions of major political, social, economic and cultural bottlenecks are sought through the combination of both Track 1 and Track 2 diplomacies, the Non State Actors have become an important part of the prevalent global structure. … Continue Reading →

China and the 9 Dotted Line in South China Sea

With Asia becoming the power house of the re-surging world economy, the waters of South China Sea have become a flash point in the world geopolitics. With the Chinese economy growing at unprecedented rates and challenging the pre existing global … Continue Reading →

India and the Geopolitics of Chabahar

In this era where the dynamics of global economy drives the geopolitics, Chabahar stands an honorable mention. Chabahar is an Iranian port on the Makran coast in the Gulf of Oman which has become a new tipping point in the … Continue Reading →

Elements Compounding Regional Destabilization

In the 21st century, globalization has had a steroidal effect on the growth of economies and has put the Least Developed as well as Developing countries in the select groups of industrialized economies. This era of globalization has pulled millions … Continue Reading →

Sino Indian Interests in Kashmir-Xinjiang

Xinjiang or the Xinjiang-Uyghur Autonomous Region is the autonomous region in the North Western Part of China which borders India’s Kashmir on its West. It is one of the most unstable parts of China and has caused many internal security … Continue Reading →